This is how our Seller Rescue Plan ensures you don’t end up houseless.

You’ve heard the news (how could you miss it?): The real estate market is red-hot right now! Home values are up around 20% over last year, which could net you $50,000 more today than last year. That means now is an amazing time to sell your home and take advantage of the historic low inventory and increasing home values.

There’s just one problem—where would you go? Let’s face it; it’s a hassle to deal with making a move and figuring out all the details. That’s where The Wolek Group’s Seller Rescue Plan comes in.

“These scenarios may include moving twice to make more money today than you would have in the past.”

We’ve created a list of the three options you have as a seller, as well as some discounts from local service providers:

1. Buy first, sell later. Finding a home is more of a challenge than selling a home in today’s market. We can get you set up on a home search to see what’s out there and so we can discuss your financing options. With a loan modification, if you can qualify for both properties and have a minimum down payment, you can purchase now without a contingency and sell after your purchase is secure. If there are no homes available that fit your criteria, we have a plan in place to help promote your wants and needs to uncover off-market properties.

2. Sell now, stay put for now. With today’s listing demand, many buyers are willing to allow sellers to rent back the property after closing or set an extended closing date, which would allow you time to find your next home. This allows you to be a non-contingent buyer and have more money in the bank from the equity of your home sale to put down. That way, you’ll be a much stronger buyer in this market.

3. Sell now, move now. Now might be the time to relocate or bunk with your friends or family in order to capitalize on the increase in equity, or you could possibly move into a short-term rental. We’re continually compiling a list of options to help with this arrangement.

As you can see, these scenarios may include moving twice in order to make more money today than you would have in the past. We know that moving is hard work (especially twice), so we’ve found some available options and resources for you:

  • T-Town Storage: Discount at local storage facilities to store your belongings. Get your first two months at half-price.
  • Great Day Moving: Discount with a local moving company to offset some costs. Get half off your service fee of $150.
  • List of local short-term options, including some available in-office rentals.
  • A list of utility and moving information to help expedite the process.
  • A staging and design expert to help consult on furniture and belongings.
  • Discounts on a home inspection and appraisal prior to listing.

If you have any questions about today’s topic or the resource list provided, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you.