Here is how Revitalize T-Town helps low-income Tulsa homeowners.

Today we’re talking with Jennifer Barcus-Schafer, the CEO of Revitalize T-Town. She’s done a ton to help this community, and they have an upcoming event on April 28 that sounds like a ton of fun. This organization is truly something special, so let’s get right into our conversation. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what you guys do here in Tulsa and how you give back to your community? 

Revitalize T-Town is a local nonprofit, and our goal is to make homes safe and healthy for low-income homeowners in Tulsa. We serve those in need of roofs, energy efficiency, repairs, and anything that can make their homes a healthier place to live long term. We want people to age in place and raise their families in our community. 

We know you do so much good for our families here in Tulsa, so what is the greatest need you see? Where do people need the most help? 

I would say roofs since they’re the biggest expense for a home. If you’ve never had to replace a roof, you don’t know how much of a financial burden it is. At that point, you’re hoping for a hail storm so that insurance covers the costs! Without a solid roof, everything else in the home is jeopardized, and with our severe weather, it’s especially important. 

As an organization, I know you guys work hard to garner donations and help, so is that the best way people can support you? How many families do you help, and how much does that cost? 

“Our goal is simply to keep people in their homes. ”

Last year, we served 120 families in Tulsa, which equaled about 226 people. For every house we work on, the average cost is around $9,900. Some are more; some are less. It sounds crass, but our biggest need is money because that’s what ultimately gets the repairs done. With inflation and supply chain issues, we can have as many willing folks as possible, but without money, we can’t do much. 

Our business is helping people with their homeownership, and your purpose is the same; you just go about it in a different way. What is your ultimate goal? 

Our goal is simply to keep people in their homes. Just like with most people, these families’ biggest assets are their houses. Many of them inherited their places, so they might not know everything that goes into maintaining their property. If we can help them get started and educate them, we can keep them in their homes and improve their neighborhoods. 

So if people want to help you help our community, where can they find you and donate? 

We have a website with a donate button at, and you can also visit our Facebook page. We have an event called Raise the Roof coming up on April 28, at The Vista at 21. There will be music, food, drinks, and a beautiful view of downtown Tulsa. Also, if you or someone you know needs help, our website is a great resource to get in contact with us. 

We’d like to thank Jennifer for speaking with us once again. As always, if you have questions about anything real estate-related, please call or email us. We’re always willing to help!