Tulsa Looks Good on You and Tyler VanBeber with AMC Mortgage.

Jennie sat down with Tyler to talk the ups and downs, ins and outs, and all the lessons learned with the changing market, over the years.

“Attitude is everything,” Tyler shared.

Tyler told Jennie he loves to surround himself with friends and colleagues to keep him on a positive path so ultimately he can provide the best experience for his clients.

Buying a home is a big deal but it shouldn’t be that hard. It’s all about breaking down the barriers.

You can’t control a lot about buying a home, but you can control the payment. Tyler’s focus is creating a solid relationship with each client and then starting the conversation at payment. He works in helping to determine what makes sense for each individual and their monthly budget.

“You don’t make a rate every month, you make a payment.”

For those feeling uncertain about buying in the current market, Tyler encourages them to go ahead and reach out and start setting expectations.

Kill it with data. When you get the facts and data, that is the easiest way to take steps toward making a home buying decision.

Connect with Tyler by visiting https://www.amcmtg.com/tvanbeber/