Pastor Tim talks about the amazing work they do at the Tulsa Dream Center.

Tulsa looks good on you, and Tulsa also looks so good on Pastor Tim. I am so excited to speak with him today. He just gave us an amazing tour of his facility and talked about all of the great stuff he does for our community, so I wanted him to share with everyone who he is and what he does here:

“It’s so great to be here and be a part of this. I’m Pastor Tim, and I’m the executive director of the Tulsa Dream Center. The Tulsa Dream Center is really simple; we’re about giving hope and changing lives. We do it through five things: food, clothing, medical, education and recreation, and character development. We’re right out here on 46th and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and our goal is to be able to serve our community all over the city, not just North Tulsa but all of Tulsa. I’d love to invite you to come out and be a part of it. We have Super Saturday every second and fourth Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. We rally at 9:15 a.m. Come out and serve our community! Whether we’re going out and doing adopt-a-block where we clean up in the neighborhood, making food boxes in the back, folding clothes, or whatever task we may have at the Tulsa Dream Center, we need your help.”

It’s been so fun getting to know Pastor Tim and this amazing organization. We talk to a lot of local nonprofits. I love our community that loves to give back. Pastor Tim helps not just our youth but also all the people in the community.

He mentioned that they serve meals, and there’s basketball, other sports, and so much engagement in classrooms. I feel his energy and love; what is the stuff that fires him up and gets him pumped every day?

“Our goal is to be able to serve our community all over the city, not just North Tulsa but all of Tulsa.”

“The people are what gets me going, but honestly, it’s what we’re able to do with our young people. With our after-school programs, we serve over 400 boys and girls every single day in three locations, whether it’s here at the Dream Center or in our remote locations.

We’re also doing something new; when I was a kid, my baseball coach was an LAPD police officer, and he made a great impact on my life. We’ve started this new program called Badges where we bring our boys and girls and the police force together in a mentorship relationship. Kind of like Big Brother Big Sister but police edition—police Dream Center edition. So it’s exciting to be able to facilitate the coming together of those two communities, especially when as those kids get older, historically there has been a wedge drawn between them and the police. So if we can bring them together by creating great relationships now, when they get older, that won’t be able to be severed.”

“We’d love for you to come on over to 200 West 46th Street N. You can also reach out to us on our website, We’re also on social media; follow us on Instagram. We always post videos on Instagram and Facebook, and you can see all of the different things going on at the Tulsa Dream Center.”

We appreciate all they’re doing for our community. Let me know if you have questions about the Tulsa Dream Center or anything else related to real estate. I’d love to hear from you.