Chris Padley from Gateway Mortgage is here to talk all about mortgages.

I’m so excited to be here today with my friend Chris Padley with Gateway Mortgage. I wanted to feature Chris and share all the great things he does to help our clients get to the closing table with less stress and a happier experience. Chris has been in the Tulsa mortgage business for almost 20 years, so I wanted to chat about what’s going on in the mortgage world.

Feel free to watch the full message above, or use these timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video:

0:05 — Introduction to today’s topic

1:00 — Chris uses his years of experience to ensure everyone knows what’s going on throughout the process

2:35 — We’re more likely to see an interest rate increase than a home price reduction

5:35 — The best time to take advantage of the market is when it slows down

6:20 — Interest rates vary depending on the type of loan you’re getting, but they’re all great

7:10 — It’s always a good time to invest in real estate

7:50 — Wrapping up today’s topic

If you have any questions about mortgages or want to start the process, visit Chris’s website to contact him. If you have any real estate questions or needs, call or email us at The Wolek Group. We would love to be your real estate resource.