I spoke with Nicole from Salt and Soul about her wonderful business!

Today, I’m speaking with Nicole from Salt and Soul in Coweta, Oklahoma. We had a fantastic conversation, so let’s get right into it!

I love how your business is all Oklahoma. As a native Tulsan, you know I’m all about that. So why don’t you just share who you are and what you have going on?

Yeah! Thanks for having me. We are a local boutique, and we started in May of 2020. We started solely online as a way to help businesses make the online transition. We were essentially a support group for them. We would support them on social media and create a platform where they could sell directly to consumers. We just opened our boutique in Coweta last October.

I love it so much! So it sounds like you’ve made it easier for the local consumer or visitor to find Oklahoma products. Was that your goal when you created your business?

Definitely! In the beginning, everyone was moving online, and part of our goal was to help businesses make that transition. Beyond that, we wanted to create a place where people could go buy directly from local businesses. We’ve grown from there, and we’ve really enjoyed the community that came out of it. We’ve built this great local store where you can buy nearly anything. You can get local meats, foods, shirts, gifts, and more. It’s really fun!

“Starting this journey was fun, difficult, and pretty much anything else you could think of.”

**That’s awesome! So back in October, you got your brick-and-mortar store all set up. What were some of the new challenges of being a new business owner? **

It was fun, difficult, and pretty much anything else you could think of. It’s just me coordinating everything, but I work with about 45 or 50 different companies. They’re all amazing people who have offered to help, so it’s been great. There were a lot of people I met for the first time that I’ve been working with for over a year, so that was exciting! I love it; I’m not the most creative person, so seeing the fantastic things people make and getting to put them in my store is an incredible experience.

I love it! This just warms my heart, especially since, in the last couple of years, we’ve all had to learn a new way of doing business. It seems like you were bridging this gap between local businesses and supporting them so that they could still thrive through these new and interesting times. I know they are all near and dear to your heart, but what would you say are some of your more popular items that you sell?

It changes, but the Charley Jean candles are consistently one of our more popular items. I’m not sure if you’ve ever smelled them, but they’re incredible. She uses real ingredients in her products, so the Morning Brew candle actually has coffee in it. They also don’t include any unhealthy or processed ingredients. We have a lot of bath and body products, which are really nice this time of year.

The local meats are super good as well. We have shortages in the stores sometimes, but that’s given people the opportunity to understand where their food is coming from. We have two different meat providers offering both pork and chicken, and it’s been really neat. At the end of the day, I can’t pick my favorite. Our selection is always changing, so something new will always be there.

Thanks for sitting down and talking with me; this was fantastic! How can people best find you?

You can find us on social media at Salt and Soul Market, or you can visit our website at https://saltandsoulmarket.com/. You can also visit us in person at 322 N Broadway, Coweta, Oklahoma, 74429.

I’d like to thank Nicole once again for speaking with me. As always, you can call or email me with any questions. The Wolek Group is always happy to help!