Tulsa Looks Good on You , lettuce tell you how great it looks on Better Day Farms

Jennie sits down with Angus Martin, Operations Director of Better Day Farms to hear all about Tulsa’s first large scale hydroponic farm.

Providing all natural, farm to table produce with a 2+ week shelf life, Better Day Farms has 12,000 square feet of growing space and over 120,000 pounds of produce donated.

Inspired by mental health disparities and the abysmal stats that the average black male in North Tulsa only lives to 54 years of age. Angus and Founder, Mike Feeley dug deeper and discovered much of this was due to high blood pressure and diabetes. Both easily prevented or revisable through diet and exercise.

With the goal of helping the North Tulsa community, Better Day Farms donated almost 110,000 heads of lettuce to local food banks from March-September of 2022.

In 2023, and Oklahoma City and Tulsa food banks received a 4 million dollar grant to buy local food, making Better Day Farms their main vendor.

In addition, Better Day Farms has a nonprofit leg called, Youthworks. Taking 200 North Tulsa each summer through a summer dream camp program as well as after school programming.

Whether you are looking to volunteer or set up a tour visit, https://betterdayfarms.com/