Jennie recently connected with Chief Development Officer, Tom Taylor, to find out what Family & Children’s Services is doing for our community.

With over 60 programs, F&CS help to restore children’s wellbeing, heal victims abuse, strengthen individuals and families, and provide hope and recovery for adults suffering from mental illness and addition.

For over 100 years, this organization had been a place for Tulsans to turn to for help with problem that seem too difficult to handle alone. As the largest mental health center in Oklahoma, F&CS is committed to providing the community with the highest level of care to over 120,000 people in need each year.

In addition to some well known community event fundraisers, F&CS has a thrift store - Goods for Good. This store provides funding to various organizational programs, gives clients work opportunities and provides clients with much needed clothing and household items.

The F&CS Thrift Store is open from 10 am - 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. Donation hours to drop off furniture are from 10 am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday. For clothing and miscellaneous donations, drop-off hours are from 10 am - 5:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Family & Children’s Services of Tulsa

Crisis Hotline: 918-744-4800

Schedule an Appointment: 918-587-9471