Here’s why Tulsa looks great on The Succulent Shop in Broken Arrow.

Tulsa looks good on you, and it also looks good on The Succulent Shop in the Rose District of downtown Broken Arrow. I can’t wait to take you on a tour of this amazing shop today.

I’m so excited to be joined by Andrew Meredith to talk about his amazing space and how it came to be. He has a landscaping background, but it was Andrew’s wife Cassidy who actually came up with the idea after returning from her bachelorette party. You can read the full storyhere.

Their vision resulted in The Succulent Shop. It’s a fun, unique space where people can learn more about plants, how to care for them, and create customized treasures by building their own succulent masterpieces. Andrew is excited to be a tool for them. They teach new plant owners how to take care of their plants and bring in fantastic options for experienced plant people as well.

“Whatever your preference, The Succulent Shop has it.”

They’re all about DIY and cultivating a family atmosphere. There is a bar, but there are no TVs. They want families to spend time together away from the screens, come in, get their hands dirty, learn, and have a good time while doing it.

In my short period of time here, I can attest to how wonderful this place is. There are plants of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your preference, The Succulent Shop has it.

Their greatest joy so far has been bringing something brand-new to the community and seeing people respond to it. The people of Broken Arrow and surrounding areas have been fantastic, and they’re so excited to serve them.

To learn more about The Succulent Shop, visit them on Facebook, Instagram, their website, or head on down to 319 S Main St. in Broken Arrow to have a drink and find your perfect plant.

If you have any real estate questions for me, don’t forget that I’m always here to answer them. Just reach out via phone or email today.