We’re out at Grogg’s Green Barn today with owner Carla Grogg. She’s going to talk to us a bit about what they do.

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Today I’m happy to be joined by Carla Grogg of Grogg’s Green Barn. This place is so cool, so I wanted to talk a little bit with Carla about all the things that are going on here.

Carla and her husband started Grogg’s Green Barn seven years ago. As far as I know, this business is the only one of its kind in Tulsa. Carla and her husband started Grogg’s Green Barn, an all-sustainable organic nursery, after a few of their family members were affected by cancer, causing them to take their own health more seriously.

Grogg’s Green Barn carries all kinds of perennials, trees, shrubs, and more. Additionally, they have quite a selection of edibles, like berry bushes, fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs. They also have a ton of great pollination plants, which are becoming more and more important as bee and butterfly populations continue to dwindle.


Just this year, Grogg’s has added another component to their business. They are transitioning part of their facility to be a new dining facility: The Reserve at Grogg’s Green Barn. They will use their own produce as well as meat and dairy from other local farmers to prepare delicious meals from Chef Matt Owen. You can RSVP to the next dinner right here on their site.

I highly recommend that you come down here and check out Grogg’s Green Barn. To learn more about what they do, head on over to their website. If you have any questions, you can give Carla a call at (918) 994-4222.

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