Tulsa Looks Good On with Bobby Babcock, Co-Owner and Artist at Garden Deva Sculpture Company

In the market for some whimsical garden art?? You’re in luck, because this week Tulsa Looks Good on You is highlighting, Garden Deva Sculpture Company!

Jennie had a chance to chat with co-owner, Bobby Babcock, to hear about the evolution of Garden Deva, since founder, Lisa Regan sold the business in 2017. Spoiler alert it ends with a love story 💕.

Located at 1326 E 3rd Street, this shop sparks the imagination the minute you step in the door! Garden Deva offers an array of pieces from large sculptures all the way down to a small piece to decorate your garden pot. With a variety of events, attendees have the opportunity to sip wine and create a wind chime with friends. Or maybe you want to stretch your creativity a bit further with their beginner or intermediate metal sculpture workshops.

“We are a very big part of the Tulsa community, there are very few neighborhoods you can drive through without finding at least one piece from here. We are very proud to be a part of that,” said Babcock.”

For more information on what Garden Deva has to offer visit, https://gardendeva.com/.