Willamina: Where Style Meets Community!

Tulsa, with its vibrant charm, has a gem in the form of Willamina, a delightful boutique owned by Paige. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the story behind Willamina, Paige’s journey to Tulsa, and the unique challenges and successes she has encountered.

New Beginnings in Tulsa

Paige, the owner of Willamina, shares her exciting venture with us. Having moved to Tulsa from Los Angeles in the midst of the pandemic with her family, Paige reflects on the unexpected journey that led to the creation of Willamina. Initially unfamiliar with the retail side of the fashion industry, Paige’s background in wholesale, merchandising, and planning laid the foundation for her unique approach to the boutique scene in Tulsa.

Tulsa’s Warm Welcome

Despite the challenges of moving during a pandemic, Paige highlights Tulsa’s unique support for small businesses. She notes that the city has been a success story in itself, fostering an environment where ventures like Willamina can thrive. Paige also shares some of the challenges they’ve faced, including a water problem and a break-in shortly after opening. However, the community’s response and support have made the journey worthwhile.

Social Media and Style Fusion

Paige sheds light on the influence of social media in shaping Willamina’s brand identity. Originally from California, Paige incorporates a bit of West Coast influence into the store’s product mix and social media strategy. The goal is to create a welcoming space where women feel beautiful and confident. By actively engaging on platforms like Instagram, Willamina connects with followers, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Fashionista’s Paradise

For fashion enthusiasts, Paige highlights some of Willamina’s top brands. Citing Sea New York, Rose Carmine from Paris, and the newcomer Road, Paige emphasizes the diverse range of offerings at the boutique. She encourages fashionistas to explore the store and discover the myriad brands that cater to varied tastes.

Location and Community Collaboration 

Willamina’s location at 1207 South Lewis Ave, at the corner of 12th and Lewis Ave., is not just a shopping destination but also a collaborative hub. Paige proudly mentions their collaboration with Tulsa artists, featuring products from Camille Cornette, Art by Her, Luca’s soap company, and Sarah Bost Fisher. This collaborative spirit reinforces Willamina’s commitment to supporting local talent.

As we wrap up our conversation with Paige, it’s evident that Tulsa has embraced Willamina with open arms. The store’s unique blend of style, community collaboration, and Paige’s warm hospitality make it a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts in Tulsa. So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, Wilhelmina invites you to experience the joy of fashion in the heart of Tulsa.

Be sure to check out Willamina next time you’re out and about shopping in Midtown Tulsa!