Here’s what Keri from SALT Yoga had to say about her fantastic business.

Today we’re chatting with Keri from SALT Yoga about her awesome business. We’re huge fans of SALT, so we hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

What would you say to someone who hasn’t started their yoga journey yet? What are some of the benefits?

To just start! There are a lot of questions and mysteries around what yoga is, but my main piece of advice is don’t be intimidated. The benefits are truly endless, so there’s no reason too big or too small to walk through the doors of SALT Yoga. 

If I had to break down the main goal of yoga, it’s to reconnect with yourself. We get so caught up in our busy lives, so we want people to leave their stress behind when they come into our studio so that they can get quiet and get in touch with their bodies no matter what shape they’re in. 

One thing we really enjoy about SALT, besides the stretching and exercises, is the breathing. It’s so important for us in this busy world to do that, especially given the last couple of years. What are some things that you love about SALT specifically that other yoga studios might not do?

Since we’re a hot studio, we provide a detox experience for our clients that typical studios can’t provide. We want people to feel strong, clean, and open when they’re done, and sweating helps us accomplish this. Also, while we have restorative meditation classes for beginners, our courses can be pretty challenging. Everyone leads busy lives, so we try to get as much as we can out of the hour you have with us.

“The main goal of yoga is to reconnect with yourself. ”

In our experience, all are welcome at SALT as well. It’s not intimidating or scary at all! 

Exactly; one of our biggest priorities at SALT is to cultivate a welcoming environment. I remember the first time I walked into a yoga studio I thought, “What is this mysterious place? Who are these people?” We know it can be intimidating, but we don’t want that here. 

I’d like to thank you once again for talking with us, Keri. Does SALT have anything going on that people should know about?

Yes! We always have our 10 for 10 deal for new clients. If you live in Oklahoma and you’ve never done yoga before, you can do 10 consecutive days of unlimited classes. You can get a feel for the instructors, check out meditation, and get a feel for if yoga is right for you. 

If you are interested in SALT Yoga, shoot them an email at or visit their website at You can also stop by 1708 Utica Square, Tulsa, OK 74114, and see what they have to offer. Finally, don’t forget you can always ask us questions about real estate, local businesses, or any other topic by calling 918-706-9845. We look forward to hearing from you!