We love Tulsa, we love food, and we really love new bars in town! We’re so excited to introduce you to Niki and Andrew Layson, the owners of Bar 473 here in Kendall Whittier district. 

The bar’s name is an homage to the building it occupies, which was once a nationally registered historic place: Phillips 66 gas station No. 473, one of the early businesses in the first suburban development of Tulsa. 

According to Andrew, the location was also unique in that it allowed for more patio space, creating a more organic social atmosphere. Beyond being nestled in a lovely neighborhood, 473 draws in patrons with well-crafted, affordable cocktails. Providing a venue for local acts—comedy, music, poetry, etc.—also means that 473 is truly a community gathering space. 

Niki and Andrew were able to accent the neutral colors of the World War II-era building and create a clean, inviting space. The bar’s minimalist approach to decor ensures that the smaller inside area never feels too overcrowded. 

“Beyond being nestled in a lovely neighborhood, 473 draws patrons in with well-crafted, affordable cocktails.”

Right across the way from American Slayer and Cabin Boys Brewery, 473 is yet another testament to the increasing vibrancy of our Tulsa community! Though the many bars and breweries in this district cooperate more than compete, 473 aims to separate itself from the pack by having a deeper commitment to the city’s blossoming music scene. 

As Andrew put it, “We need to pay more attention to those local artists that are creating real, raw music and who are trying to put themselves out there as artists.” 

Follow 473 on Instagram (@four.seven.three) and Facebook (@bar473), or visit their website: www.bar473.com.

If you have any questions about the wonderful ways in which Tulsa is growing, or you’re interested in buying or selling soon, give us a call. We’d love to talk with you.