Today on “Tulsa Foodie,” we’ve decided to feature Ediblend Superfood Cafe in Utica Square. To give us a better idea about what this great restaurant is all about, we decided to meet up with its founders: Piper Kacere and Amy Murray. 

The idea for Ediblend Superfood Cafe began years ago when Piper and Amy, who are sisters, decided to do a juice cleanse. They got off to a rocky start, but shortly after beginning their second attempt, Piper and Amy began to attract the interest of people around them. 

Eventually, they started making cleanses for these people and, before they knew it, they started receiving text messages and calls from total strangers who were interested in their product. So they bought up all the mason jars and shower caddies they could find, then started making and packaging cleanses from a playroom in Piper’s home that they had converted into a kitchen.

“Though these juice blends are where they got their start, the Ediblend Superfood Cafe has a lot more to offer.”

That coming summer, they moved their operation into a test kitchen they had rented out, and, lo and behold, they completely sold out for the season. Their satisfied customers couldn’t stop raving about their experience, so Piper and Amy knew it was time to open a permanent location. Now, since opening in 2014, the Ediblend Superfood Cafe has two locations and a massive fan base here in Tulsa.

Looking at their wide range of healthy and delicious blends, like the Sweet Green, 1717, and Sexy Yowza, it’s no wonder why. And though these juice blends are where they got their start, the Ediblend Superfood Cafe has a lot more to offer. When you visit their restaurant, you can also enjoy great salads or one of their customizable açaí bowls. Best of all, everything in the cafe is made fresh every single day. 

In the future, Amy and Piper are looking forward to expanding their business, and its menu, even wider. If you’re as interested as we are in seeing what’s on the horizon for Ediblend Superfood Cafe, or you’re curious about their hours, locations, or menu, be sure to follow them on Facebook or visit their website:

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.