Jennie sits down with Lamar Guillory , Assistant Director of Recreation for Tulsa County to hear about what the organization is doing for North Tulsa youth.

North Tulsa Baseball league falls under the umbrella of Tulsa County Parks focusing on youth in District 1.  Their mission is to provide every child the opportunity to get physically active, learn life lessons, and most of all, have fun playing the great game of baseball.

“The real objective, beyond the love of the game, is to build a pipeline for the kids to feed into schools and competitive league,” Guillory explained.

Coming full circle, Lamar Gillory originally coached his children in North Tulsa baseball and has a hope of revitalizing the experiencing for other current parents and players in the league.

“I want everyone to walk away with that unbridled joy”

Guillory added.

For more information on North Tulsa Baseball and ways to help visit,