Tulsa Looks Good on You and Alicia Jones with Healthy Roots.

Jennie connected with Alicia Jones, owner of Healthy Roots to hear all about her yummy elixir and how a tablespoon a day just might help to keep the doctor away!

Alicia started her business during the heart of Covid after being laid off from her job.

Fed up with taking 7 medications daily, Alicia decided to play with recipes and research the benefits of elderberry elixir to try to make the healthiest version for her and her family to consume.

After a year of working on her recipe, she finally landed on the perfect version and started  consuming it daily. Three months later, Alicia found herself not needing those 7 medications anymore and now, 3 years later she is still going strong supporting her health with her elderberry elixir.

Motivated by the stories from her clients, Alicia doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

You can pick up a bottle at one of the following stores:

👉 Rock Creek Herb & Vitamin in Sapulpa

 👉Joe’s Farm in Bixby

👉 Market on Main in Jenks

👉 Sandos Rockin Deli in downtown Tulsa

👉 Hotworx in Owasso

👉 Owasso Farmers Market every Saturday

Be sure to follow Healthy Roots on all social platforms for the latest @HealthyRoots918 or shop the website at , https://www.healthyroots918.com/