Why does Katherine Fondren recommend The Wolek Group to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate? Today, she can tell you herself:

“I had a home that I needed to sell. I had known Jennie Wolek over the years through mutual friends, and I was definitely looking for something different… something outside of the box. I was a Realtor in Louisiana when I lived there, so I thought I knew everything about the real estate business, but that was a long time ago, before the age of social media and all kinds of new marketing things.

“That’s why I loved about Jennie and what her company was doing: They were doing some outside-the-box marketing. Jennie would come over; we sat at my kitchen table and discussed what our goals were. She asked me what I liked best about my home and what prospective buyers should know about it. I was happy to share that information and she definitely used it in her marketing.

“I felt she really wanted to do what was best for me and my family, as well as the people buying my home.”

“Then we immediately started the buying process. I met with one of her buyer’s agents and we discussed what we were looking for and needed in a home. And throughout the process, there was a lot of feedback, which I really value; being a former Realtor, I know that’s really important. A lot of my friends who are looking for Realtors always want feedback. If someone looked at your house, what did they think? How can we improve? What do they like? What do they not like?

“When we finally did get a buyer, I was really excited. Jennie did everything she could to walk us through the process. She was great from beginning to end, and I felt she really wanted to do what was best for me and my family, as well as the people buying my home.

“We found this beautiful house that we’re standing in right now in a neighborhood we didn’t even know about. It’s a new home from a builder I didn’t know; Jennie’s team had the knowledge of the market, so they knew what was going on even in new construction. 

“I’m thankful to The Wolek Group for helping steer us in the right direction and helping us find our dream home. It’s a wonderful process from beginning to end, very stress-free with a lot of communication, and I definitely, definitely recommend them!”

If you, like Katherine, ever need any help with your real estate needs, please feel free to reach out to us here at The Wolek Group. We’d be happy to help you.